Charlotte Pain Management: Diagnosis-Based Treatment Plans

Dynamic Health Pain Management

Charlotte Pain Management Diagnosis

Under the leadership of Dr. James Altizer, the medical and therapeutic professionals at Dynamic Health work together to create a treatment plan that can help you manage your pain – without the use of prescriptions.

Our treatment protocols incorporate a combination of medical diagnostics, injections, rehabilitative treatments and chiropractic adjustments. This approach allows our Our Charlotte pain management team to deliver pain relief as quickly as possible, stabilize your condition and address the root cause of your pain, minimizing the likelihood of occurrence.

Our goal is to treat your condition, not just manage your pain. To achieve this goal, every patient receives a thorough exam including patient history, neurological and orthopedic evaluation and diagnostic X-rays when necessary. This results in a more accurate working diagnosis.

Once we have a working diagnosis of the root cause of your pain, the medical staff will give you a detailed report of our findings. During this consultation, we will review your current situation, diagnose the cause of your pain symptoms and discuss your specific treatment options. A member of our office staff will also be available to discuss treatment costs and payment arrangements.

Diagnosis-Based Treatment Plans

After determining the cause of your pain, we develop a diagnosis-based treatment plan to ensure you receive the specialized care you need to get back to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Your initial treatment is intended to decrease inflammation, reduce spasms and alleviate pain. How fast your body can respond to treatment is dependent upon multiple variables such as: age, injury, length of time you’ve had your condition, overall health and condition, etc.

We strive at being the best-trained and best-equipped multi-disciplinary medical facility in the country. Our diagnosis-based treatment plans incorporate a combination of medical diagnostics, injections, rehabilitative treatments and chiropractic adjustments. We are focused on helping you find relief and minimizing the likelihood of re-occurrence.

At Dynamic Health, we also understand the importance of creating a positive and healing atmosphere. Our Charlotte pain management team is always available to answer any questions you have and to provide the care and support you need during your time of healing.

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