aerobics class with a man and a woman on step

Get Fit for Summer 2017: 21 Day Full Body Workout Challenge

Dynamic Health Pain Management

With summer approaching there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way, but here at Dynamic Health, we want to help you focus on health and wellness in addition to appearance. That’s why we’ve created a 21 Day Full Body Workout Challenge for beginners, so you can ease into an exercise routine that is ideal for you.

The point of this challenge is to give you a solid foundation to build from. Once you complete the challenge, you can move onto more advanced workouts or treatment options depending on your needs.

As you progress through the challenge, remember to listen to your body. If an exercise is uncomfortable or painful, stop and try again more slowly or find an alternative that works out the same muscle group.

We’d love to go on this journey with you, so please feel free to share your progress on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Workout CHallenge infographic