Sports Injury Rehabilitation for Baseball Season

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation for Baseball Players at Dynamic Health Charlotte

Baseball season officially starts this week, and Dynamic Health is here to make sure you’re ready to throw out the first pitch!

There’s nothing like the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd on a warm day at the ballpark – but many athletes find themselves nursing injuries or losing performance at some point in their career.

Dynamic Health’s sports injury rehabilitation services can help you or the athlete in your life get back into playing shape.

Baseball is “America’s Pastime,” but it’s also a source of many soft tissue injuries, especially in the arms. The repeated stress of throwing can manifest in muscle and ligament strains in the soft tissue of the shoulder, back, and elbows. Also, running and sliding into bases can cause leg, knee and ankle injuries in baseball players of all ages.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Dynamic Health’s sports injury rehabilitation services can help address the pain of a lingering rotator cuff sprain, assist on the road to recovery after a “Tommy John” ligament surgery, or simply help you get in optimal shape for baseball season.

Any athlete can up their game with Dynamic Health’s state-of-the-art facility and experienced, knowledgeable staff. Our staff starts every treatment process by thoroughly investigating the problem with a functional movement assessment. This allows us to tailor a customized training regimen just for your and your specific needs.

Many athletes have worked with Dynamic Health including former college football player and ESPN Analyst Kevin Weidl.

“I had much more energy during workouts, less back pain, and I sustained longer,” said Weidl. “If you want to maximize your workouts, I highly recommend Dynamic Health!”

If you need help recovering from a sports related injury or simply want to feel better and have more energy during workouts, then contact Dynamic Health about our sports injury rehabilitation Services today!

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