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How Stem Cell Therapy is Changing Modern Medicine

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Stem cell therapy is no longer the wave of the future. It’s the technology of the present. People everywhere are benefiting from stem cell therapy in a variety of ways as this type of treatment continues to gain traction. Below are five ways stem cell therapy is breaking barriers.

  1. After undergoing 24 angioplasties to widen a blood vessel as a result of her atherosclerosis, a California woman opted for stem cell therapy instead of yet another angioplasty. In 2015, she celebrated her 10-year anniversary of the treatment without any relapses.
  2. A man who had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for over 20 years was contemplating suicide as a result of the disease’s devastating effects. He finally underwent stem cell treatment and watched many of his symptoms disappear. He even began bowling again and joined a league, something that had been unimaginable before.
  3. Scientists in Italy were able to use stem cell therapy to restore the sight of people who had lost their vision as a result of chemical burns. A total of 112 patients were treated — some whom had been blind for years — and 69 percent of them regained full vision after just one round of treatment.
  4. A 16-year old Wisconsin boy suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy has reported a tremendous improvement in his quality of life after receiving stem cell treatment. Prior to the treatment, the boy could not open his fist on his own, carry anything heavier than an empty cup, or roll over — all things he was able to do after the treatment.
  5. Stem cell therapy was used to repair the bullet-riddled pancreas of an injured member of the military. The 21-year old’s new pancreas began producing insulin on its own after just three weeks and likely saved the man from developing diabetes or kidney failure.

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