Alice T.

Dynamic Health

“Before I came to Dynamic Health & Pain Management, my life was extremely affected by my pain. I am a very active person and love to take senior field trips, shop and go to church. I was hard to do any of these activities because of the way I felt. Driving was even out of the question. I also had to resort to buying a cane and a walker because I couldn’t support myself on my own anymore. Just as soon as I started treatment with DHPM, I was able to regain being active again.

The care I received before DHPM was too difficult for someone that is 76 years old. It was too strenuous for my body. I was unable to complete half of the exercises because of my pain. I am 76, not 36. DHPM is totally different. Every aspect of me and my condition was taken into consideration and now my pain is going away.

Recently, I just received an award at my church for outstanding leadership, dedication and good attendance. I was able to receive this “Person of the Year” award because DHPM gave me the strength to be devoted to all aspects of my life again. The joyousness I felt was overwhelming so I now refer everyone to Dynamic Health & Pain Management because I have faith in the practice.”