Almarie C.

Dynamic Health

“Don’t ignore your pain until it becomes a larger problem.”

I am an active person and love to do things outdoors. I also run a non-profit organization that I am very passionate about and it requires me to maintain a high level of energy and mobility. That’s why staying active and fit is important to me and I have always tried to take good care of my body. One day I was doing a stretch that I had done a million times before. I bent down deep into the stretch and got stuck! I couldn’t get back up.

My spine was just frozen in place. Luckily my family was there and called Dynamic Health & Pain Management right away. They were able to get me in that same day to be seen. I found out that I had aggravated an old spinal injury from 20 years ago that had gotten steadily worse until everything just seized up. I knew I should have come in earlier but had been putting it off and now I was paying the price. I couldn’t get out of bed much less do any-thing I needed to do like work, drive, shop or chores around the house.

The doctors put me on a treatment plan that was tailored to my unique condition and I was extremely happy with the results. After just 2 months I went from being totally bedridden back to my normal daily activities. I can get in and out of bed, swim, walk, shop and travel for my work. I am so happy! Whether you have minor nagging pains or major debilitating ones you owe it to yourself to get help. Don’t ignore the pain until it becomes a larger problem. Go to Dynamic Health & Pain Management to see if they can help!