Brent A.

Dynamic Health

Five years ago I started feeling a slight pain in my neck. I thought I may have slept wrong or pinched a nerve somehow and figured it would get better on it’s own in a few days. A few days passed and then a few more and it didn’t go away. The pain was not unbearable (about a 5 on a 1-10 pain scale) so I ignored it and kept going about my daily life. Slowly over time I noticed it getting worse.

It went from being a minor, dull ache to a major annoyance that started to interfere with my life. The pain was now a 10 on the pain scale and I couldn’t even stand for more than 10 minutes at a time and I couldn’t sleep.

I’m a machinist by trade and lift heavy objects all day at my job. The unbearable pain made it almost impossible to do my work. Luckily, I have an understanding boss who tolerated my declining production so I didn’t lose my job or get forced out on disability.

My work-life wasn’t the only thing suffering. As a pastime I love to work on dirt track race cars with my friend. I’ve been doing it for years now and really love it but there was no way I could spend any amount of time bent over a car engine in my current condition.

One day I was telling my brother about my problem and he suggested I call Dynamic Health & Pain Management. He had gone there for severe lower back pain and they were able to get rid of it. I called the next day and scheduled my consultation.

When I went to my appointment the doctor was very thorough. He found a congenital defect in my spine that no other doctor had noticed before. He put together a treatment plan for me and I got started right away.

Within four weeks of starting treatment I started noticing the pain decreasing. Now it is negligible. I am so glad that I took my brothers advice. I have almost no pain at all and I’m back to being able to stand without pain and sleep. I’m doing well at my job and I’m back in the shop working on cars!