Brian C.

Dynamic Health

“I have always loved being active. I play soccer, wrestle and run just for the fun of it. I go to the gym as much as I can and constantly push myself to compete at a higher level. One day after a hard workout at the gym my back started hurting. I thought it would go away in a few days with a little rest. After days had passed my back was still hurting, so my mom took me to an orthopedic doctor.

He told me I must have pulled a muscle and that I should take a week to rest to let it heal. After a week off from my activities, I went back to soccer practice. By the end of it, my back started hurting again. I was told to rest and took another week off. Sure enough, when I tried to go back to practice the same thing happened. This went on for six weeks, and my mom kept getting the same advice: “KEEP RESTING!”

We were both getting frustrated and decided it was not normal for a 13-year-old in good health to have chronic pain like this. Luckily, my mom was talking to a friend about my problem and he told her about Dynamic Health & Pain Management and we decided to give it a try. After the first consultation, the doctor found a mild form of spina bifida and a curvature in the wrong place in my spine.

The doctor put together a treatment plan that I began right away. The staff was great and got to know me. I love going there, and the results were awesome! After only two weeks, I was feeling better and back to working out and practice. After the third week, I was pain-free and able to participate in full workouts.”