Caroline C.

Dynamic Health

“My Journey to Dynamic Health & Pain Management actually began back in April of 2009. One afternoon at work, I went to sit down in a chair, when the legs collapsed and I fell to the concrete floor. That moment was the beginning of what had been over a three year battle with pain.

This incident didn’t just feel like a normal fall. Pain started in my shoulder and left hip. Shortly after, I went to see a spine and neurological specialist to see what was wrong. The doctors told me I would eventually be ok and recommended I have physical therapy. They also prescribed pain medication to relieve the discomfort.

As time went on, I completed the therapy and took the medicine as instructed. However, I felt worse. In the beginning, I could deal with the pain, but it eventually became unbearable. Participating in everyday life activities was impossible. Simple tasks like making the bed put a strain on my body.

Laying down one afternoon, the commercial for DHPM came on TV. I instantly thought about my boyfriend and his back pain. I brought my boyfriend in for his free consultation, and was amazed at the facility. It was then that I decided to make an appointment for myself.

During my first consultation, I found out something I never knew about my back. When I fell in 2009, I broke a vertebra in my spine. Out of all the doctors I’d been to, no one ever found the problem. Dynamic Health was the first. Dr. Matz said they were going to find the cause of the pain, and they did.

I was just released from treatment at Dynamic Health & Pain Management today. My pain is almost gone. If you’ve had back pain for a long time, you need to give ample time to allow the treatments to work. I am so thankful for the care I received from the entire staff and doctors.

Everyone knows you by name, and they treat you like a friend. I love the open floor atmosphere and the fact that the doctors are at your beck and call. They are right there by your side, the whole step of the way. Anywhere else, that would never happen. If you’re lucky, you might get ten minutes of the doctor’s attention. Thank you DHPM, for finding my cause of pain, and fixing it.”