Caroline C.

Dynamic Health

“I’ve been employed at Snyder-Lance Corporation here in Charlotte, for 34 years. My job requires me to sit and stand for long periods of time while lifting and packing boxes. A few years ago I noticed that I started to have a tingling sensation down my right leg so I went to my primary care doctor who sent me to a Chiropractor in Ballantyne, NC. The Chiropractor ordered an MRI and found that I had a pinched nerve in my lower back. In disbelief, I went about my way.

Recently, a friend of mine was sitting at lunch and had what she thought was an allergic reaction or stroke; come to find out, it was a nerve disease. As a result, her mouth turns to the side and she is now unable to shut her right eye. Hearing this news, I started to think of the tingling I was still experiencing in my leg.

The last thing I wanted was for me to continue to ignore this sensation and have it get worse or something bad happen, like my friend. Later that day, watching television I saw a commercial for Dynamic Health and Pain Management and decided to make an appointment.

This facility is unlike any other. The equipment is unlike anything I’ve seen at previous rehabilitation facilities. I also noted the number of employees on the floor working with patients as well as the doctors actively walking around tending to patients. You can see that they use a team approach to your healthcare needs. Dr. Mazal has been extremely helpful with explaining all my x-rays, my condition, and the therapies that I would be doing to correct my condition.

Since I have started the treatment I’ve noticed a difference already. My body seems looser, not as stiff. I look forward to my continued treatment, and am positive I will see continued improvement. If you are looking for a welcoming, positive environment unlike any other, Dynamic Health and Pain Management is the best place to be.”