Daniel P.

Dynamic Health

“I was searching online one afternoon a few weeks ago for a place that could rid me of my back pain. I had been living with this horrible pain that started from years of being overweight. At my heaviest, I weighed 429 lbs. My doctor told me to lose weight or die.

With time and dedication, I lost well over 150 lbs. However, my back pain didn’t go away. It was constant and really affected my way of life. Doing anything was uncomfortable. Flying in an airplane, traveling, golfing, anything I wanted to do was preceded with a decision of whether to do it or not.

I am director of Security for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. My job requires a lot of attention to detail, accuracy and devotion. There is no time for pain.

I had sought out a massage therapist but relief was temporary. Within a few days, the pain would always come back. One afternoon, I came across Dynamic Health & Pain Management. After reading about the clinic and what they do, I called for help.

Dynamic Health & Pain Management instantly provided me with answers to my pain. Dr. Mazal also brought to my attention other areas that would create problems down the road if I didn’t fix them. He provided me with a treatment plan to fix the problem at the cause, rather than treat the symptoms and provide temporary relief.

Within two weeks of treatment, my pain was 90% gone. The x-rays show a huge difference than before I started care. I no longer have to worry about any activity quality of life has completely come back.

I couldn’t imagine going back to where I was before treatment. I am so thankful for the doctors and entire staff at DHPM!”