Danielle A.

Dynamic Health

I began experiencing migraines in 2005 while I was in college. There were days that I would miss classes because I was unable to get out of the bed. Excedrin stopped working, so I decided to see my Primary Care Physician. I was prescribed migraine medication which made me sick and I felt like I was functioning in what I can only explain as a “fog.” I avoided taking the medication when possible, especially when I felt that the side effects could interfere with work. I had an internship where I was required to climb on roofs and I didn’t want to risk further injury due to the effects of the medication.

I dealt with the pain over the years the best way I could. In addition to the migraines, I was now experiencing neck pain that would radiate down my left shoulder. There were times that I would miss work or have to leave work in the middle of the day due to a migraine. I was introduced to Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM) on April 10, 2013 when they participated at a Health Fair that my job sponsored. On their banner I saw the words, “Pain Management” and decided to find out more about who they were and the services they provided. I didn’t want to depend on medication and I didn’t want to live in pain. Something had to be done.

Dr. Whaley thoroughly explained why I was experiencing the migraines and back pain and the type of treatments that DHPM offered. I began treatment right away. I have noticed that my posture has improved, my back “alerts” me when I go back to the old habits of sitting or lying down in an incorrect position. I have also noticed that the way I feel during the day has improved since starting therapy. I am confident that I will get to the stage where I will no longer need to take medication because I won’t have any migraines or neck pain.