David B.

Dynamic Health

“Taking care of my wife and daughters has always been my number one priority. This was put on hold when I started experiencing numbness and pain in my feet, legs and low back. I was diagnosed with Neuropathy years before, but that was a slow progression of symptoms. Due to unknown pinched nerves, I went from a fully functioning individual, to not being able to walk without a cane.

Every activity I attempted was extremely painful. I had been a mechanical engineer for over 31 years when I had to stop working. Giving up my job was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Here I was in agony from pain and I could no longer do the things I love most in life.

I came in for my free consultation, met with Dr. Matz and decided to give treatment a try. I am appreciative because Dr. Cox and Dr. Matz have looked at my case very closely to ensure I would get the best results.

Each day that passes, I improve more and more. I have feeling and sensation in my feet again. I can even walk some of the day without a cane. I am able to continue with husbandly duties and mow the grass! I’ll admit, I had some hesitations at first, but now I know that it is just going to continue to get better and better from this point.

As time went on, I felt worse and slipped into depression. I remember staying in bed for days at a time from lack of motivation. I often questioned my purpose and worth in this life. My drop foot was getting worse; I wasn’t sleeping. I sought out a Neurologist, but he didn’t help. I was never asked to have an MRI, just Prescribed medication.

One afternoon while watching television, I saw a commercial for Dynamic Health & Pain Management. I don’t know what it was, but something told me to call…”