Diane D.

Dynamic Health

I heard of Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DPHM) nearly a decade ago. A friend of mine had gone to see Dr. Cox after being in a car accident and found unbelievable relief from her pain. He managed to help her completely. I had always felt fine and didn’t really notice any pain. It wasn’t until I fell off of a chair one afternoon cleaning that unbearable pain set in.

In 2006, I lost the feeling in my left arm. This tingling sensation scared me because I thought doctors were going to give me a death sentence. After weeks of searching and tests, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I previously had tremendous success from DHPM treating my back, they were the first place I thought to call. One I mentioned their facility and the relief, my Neurologist was completely supportive of my choice to visit them.

I immediately noticed a difference. My back pain had gone away and my MS is more manageable because of the care. The treatment provided helps keep my muscles from cramping up and tightening themselves. My balance is completely better than it has ever been. I decided to come in for maintenance once a month because I know that one treatment will help with my stability and keep the pain away.

In January 2014, I lost feeling in my left leg and it made walking difficult. I went from walking long distances to walking with a cane. With my condition, my balance is naturally compromised and the last thing you would want to do is fall. A fall could put you in a wheelchair permanently. Before my leg had a chance to create anymore problems, I went back to DHPM to treat this new case. In as little as a month, I was walking without a cane again! It is miraculous care! I am completely astonished with the improvement I get after one visit. I am going to continue to come to DHPM for the rest of my life.