Don Z.

Dynamic Health

“I had lived my whole life without pain until an event that occurred 19 years ago changed my life. In 1995, I was in a severe car accident when a teenage girl pulled out in front of me. Almost two decades later, I was still struggling with horrible pain in my neck, knee and back.

I have two children at ages six and seven, so being a good dad is my number one priority. They are constantly involving themselves in activities that require so much energy and physical ability. As a result, I would fight through the pain to play with my kids. One of their favorite activities is jumping on a trampoline. After my first attempt trying to jump with them, I immediately went to the ground from aching pain.

In IT Computer Programming at Vanguard, I had to have my office adjusted so I could sit and stand whenever I needed. Sitting in one place for too long made the pain worse. After being seen by numerous doctors and chiropractors, the pain would go away for some time but always come back. I eventually accepted the fact that this was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life. I was never going to permanently get better.

One afternoon, I attended the Men’s Health Fair at my work and spoke with someone from Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM). Based off of my analysis, she knew exactly where my pain was before I had the chance to tell her. I was intrigued when she mentioned the multidisciplinary aspect of Dynamic Health & Pain Management, so I made an appointment.

After my first visit, it was clear that DPHM address an individual’s issue from a whole body perspective. Everyone is evaluated from every aspect to determine the best treatment protocol needed to become pain free. I loved that I found instant relief from adjustments and permanent relief as a result of therapy. Here I am, almost done with treatment, and I am nearly pain free.

I am thankful for everyone at DHPM. My questions were always answered. The doctors are the best in the business, and medical assistants were right there to coach me through each therapy. At the end of the day, I am happy because I am finally able to come home and spend time with my kids without the pain.”