Donna H.

Dynamic Health

“I was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy in June of 2012. Two days after my first chemo treatment I began feeling a burning, stinging feeling like a thousand bees in my feet, calves and shins. I found out the pain I felt was called Chemotherapy Neuropathy and is a very common side effect. The pain prevented me from going on long walks and caused my balance to be off. It made work very uncomfortable because I am on my feet most of the time there. It also interrupted my sleep.

I went to my doctors for help, and they used many trials and errors to find the right combination of medications to help. The problem was that they were only masking the problem and not treating the underlying cause so I would have breakthrough episodes of pain.

One day I took my family to the Monroe Air Show and met one of the representatives from Dynamic Health at a booth. He told me about what they do at their office and offered to set up a consultation. I decided to give it a try and set the appointment.

When I got there, the office was very different from what I had experienced before. The hours were convenient with my work hours. The staff was pleasant and very helpful, and the doctors were easily accessible at every visit. I felt like the staff wanted me to be there. The treatments were totally different than any treatment I had been given, and the results speak for themselves.

After 3 to 4 weeks, I was able to sit and read comfortably. I could finally take walks, and my balance was better. I no longer worry about whether or not my legs are going to flare up while I’m out. I can sit still without having to move my feet and legs. I’m sleeping better so I feel better. I have also been able to stop taking all the medications.

I have to admit, when I first started my treatments at Dynamic Health I really didn’t think it would help. I only started because I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Now I have to eat my words because I was totally wrong. The results have been amazing!”