Elaine S.

Dynamic Health

I love to go on long walks. I would walk 2 – 3 miles a few times each week. I also love spending time with my friends in the city. One of our favorite activities is to drive down town, park in a garage and walk over to have dinner and then catch a play at the Belk Theater. About 6 years ago, I began experiencing soreness in my left knee. I went to my doctor and found out I have arthritis. The doctor prescribed medicine but the pain only kept getting worse.

After a short while I found it difficult to enjoy my outings with my friends because the pain was unbearable. The stairs in the parking garage may as well have been 2 miles long with the amount of time it took me to get down them. After a while I was unable to go on my long walks altogether. I suffered this way for 5 years. I felt hopeless. One night I woke up with the television on and saw Dynamic Health & Pain Management’s commercial.

I decided I had nothing to lose by going to a free consultation. When I got there I was surprised at how attentive and prompt they were. I could tell that they genuinely cared about my condition and well being. They took me in for the consultation and told me that some of my knee problems were being caused by problems with my lower spine. I had never heard that before but I was willing to try anything.

After my only a few treatments I started feeling better and now that I’m nearing the end of my treatment I feel great. My pain is almost gone and I am now able to walk around town with my friends without pain! I would recommend Dynamic Health & Pain Management to anyone. It really works!