James J.

Dynamic Health

“Every year my church puts on a Health Fair & 5k race for their congregation. We are a very active community and love to host different activities to maintain good health. After everyone’s finished running, they attend the health fair and meet with different vendors. That’s where I met Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM).

When my wife and I walked up to the Dynamic Health & Pain Management’s booth after the run, I had no clue what to expect. After they did this computer analysis of my spine, I was explained how their office treats the source of the someone’s pain, not just the symptom. The unique concept was interesting and I made an appointment.

I was suffering from sciatic nerve pain that traveled from my low back down through my left leg. I don’t remember exactly how the pain started, but I was a carrier at FedEx for over 14 years. My days consisted of getting in and out of a car, bending, and lifting packages. I had been to Chiropractors for relief in the past, but found

little success. I eventually became tired with no energy to get through the day. Red Bull and Five Hour Energy drinks helped, but didn’t last long enough. Instead of finding the proper care for relief, I remained complacent and pushed through the pain every day.

Honestly, I was shocked after the first visit. DHPM ended up being the friendliest and most thorough medical office I’d ever been to. All of the staff knew my name and said hello. I went through the consultation with the cause of my problem, diagnosis and treatment protocol explained simple enough so anyone would understand.

Now many visits later, my sciatic pain has decreased tremendously and is almost gone. I feel fantastic. My range of motion is back and I am more awake everyday. I no longer need to drink Red Bull to have energy. DHPM gave me my energy back when they fixed my problem and the pain went away. Thank you Dynamic Health!”