Ken B.

Dynamic Health

I have been repairing furniture for 15 years. The hard manual labor started taking a toll a few weeks ago when I started feeling a pain on my left side running from my hip down my leg and into my foot. It got to the point where I had to keep my leg moving all day to keep the pain from becoming unbearable and preventing me from working. I also couldn’t find a position in my bed that didn’t cause pain and was forced to use the recliner. It got to the point where I had to have my daughter drive me where I needed to go and help me lift things.

I had tried my doctor who prescribed heavy narcotic pain medication two times daily. He also sent me to a neurosurgeon who recommended steroid shots and surgery. I knew that this treatment would not help me so I decided to look for an alternative. I called a holistic doctor who specialized in acupuncture and told him about my symptoms. He realized that he could not provide adequate treatment for my condition so he recommended Dynamic Health and Pain Management (DHPM).

I was very pleased to find that the staff at DHPM truly seemed to care about my condition and well-being. They went out of their way to give me the attention I needed to get better. The therapies were unlike any I’ve experienced before and did not involve drugs or surgery. They used a combination of all-natural injections (not steroids) and rehabilitative therapies to relieve my pain and strengthen and rehabilitate my problem areas.

After only 3 weeks I have been able to come off the pain medications, sleep in my own bed, drive myself and work my business pain free! I would recommend Dynamic Health & Pain Management to anyone who is in pain!