Linda C.

Dynamic Health

“While delivering mail in October 2001, I stepped on an acorn on the ground and twisted my knee outward. Not thinking much of the incident, I continued working. Come to find out, I had a torn meniscus and never knew it. Two years later, the pain was still in my left knee.

Doctors recommended surgery and in 2004, I had arthroscopic surgery on the left knee. Surgery didn’t fix the problem, but made it worse. Walking my route for the Postal Service was impossible. The pain felt like grinding bone on bone and I would come home every day crying from intense pain.

My husband and I are very adventurous. We like to travel and explore. We also are very active and play sports together. Bowling and driving race cars are two of my favorite pastimes. All of the things that I love to do were put on hold because of the pain. It was even impossible for me to get a good night’s rest.

I tried everything to relieve the pain. Cortisone shots, physical therapy, acupuncture, surgery; nothing helped. It only took Dynamic Health & Pain Management a short time to relieve the pain I’ve been suffering from for many years.

The pain eventually became so intense, I contemplated suicide. Then out of nowhere, a miracle happened; I met Dr. Cox. He just so happened to be standing outside when I came up to his mailbox to deliver mail. After talking to him for a few minutes about Dynamic Health & Pain Management, I knew I had found the help I was looking for.

I cannot explain the gratitude and appreciation I have for everyone at Dynamic Health & Pain Management. They are truly a Godsend. I am now pain free and can do whatever I want without a restriction from pain. I am back to being Superwoman again.

Recently, my back when out. I knew exactly where to go: Dynamic Health & Pain Management!!! In one visit, I went from not being able to walk, to 50% improvement! In just one visit! Thank you Dynamic Health & Pain Management!”