Mark K.

Dynamic Health

Let me start by saying, I want a lifetime membership to Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM). I would not be as happy as I am right now, if it wasn’t for this medical office.

The first time I had back pain was at 22 years old. My brother and I were doing some mechanical work and went to lift a VW Motor from the floor. It wasn’t until later that I felt the repercussions of my actions. After one week of back pain, any other mechanical activities I did, made my back ache. When I finally got the pain under control several years later, I was in the accident that changed my life.

I was lucky to be alive after a car went through a red light, T-boned me, and totaled my car. After two separate 13 week therapies of rehabilitation, I never fully recovered. I suffered from constant cycles of spasms and low back pain and it got worse over the years. I tried several Chiropractors, Doctors and Specialists; relief was temporary and limited. At my worst, I went through three consecutive weeks of back spasms and knew I couldn’t suffer anymore, something had to be done.

I had seen Dynamic Health & Pain Management’s commercial before, wrote down the information, but never called. I was sitting at home on the couch and saw the commercial again for the second time. Suffering, I wasn’t going to pass up another opportunity to see if I could get help. I was extremely impressed when I called because they were able to see me the same day. Within an hour and a half, I was walking through DHPM’s front doors. After I was greeted by name, the gave me their complete attention. I knew I had back pain before I came to DHPM, but they showed me why. Time was being put into me before I even paid them a dime. That’s real healthcare dedication to patients; you can’t find it anywhere else.

I began treatment immediately and within the first three visits I knew I was onto something. My body started to transition the other way, towards improvement. It didn’t take long for my pain to decrease by half, and even though I am still going through the treatment, I feel like a whole new man. My family and friends have noticed a complete change when I went from frowns to smiles. My quality of life is the best it’s been in over a decade.

I am so grateful for the health services, wonderful staff, and the doctors of Dynamic Health & Pain Management. Their program is completely unique and there is nothing like it. My questions were always answered, each therapy was explained in complete detail and I was never left alone. I am still improving, and it gets better and better each day. I am humbly, gratefully and utterly thankful. I truly am.