Michele M.

Dynamic Health

“I was living with constant shoulder pain from a pinched nerve and was miserable every day. Not knowing the cause of the problem, I was in denial and I thought the pain would just go away on its own. Nearly six years later, I was still experiencing the pain.

I was an ultrasound technician and a full time mom. My daughter is a total “Glam Girl.” She is young, active and bright for her age. Just starting to learn how to be a lady as she is growing up, made me want to be a major part of this process and not miss a second of her life. I was limited to the things I could do with her, which included no play time or daily activities. Dizzy spells kept me from doing simple tasks like getting her dressed in the morning, and forget playing dress-up! There came a point when I didn’t want to do any cooking or cleaning, only sleep.

My husband observed how much I wanted to have my life back. He knew I wanted to be the wife, mom and person that I always wanted to be. One afternoon, he was searching online and found Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM). After reading through their website, he suggested I call. I was hesitant because I tried chiropractic care and that didn’t give relief, so what else could?

Little did I know, they could help. Dynamic Health & Pain Management saved me. After just a month of treatment, I started to notice a huge difference in my quality of life. I began to work more often and exercising was no longer impossible. Doing laundry, cooking and cleaning became easy to do. Most importantly, I was able to devote my full self to my daughter and be her mom again. She is my little best friend!

I am so thankful to my husband for finding DHPM. The care they provide is a completely unique and therapeutic approach that everyone in pain should try. I was skeptical and lost hope, but I am thankful I called.”