Morgan L.

Dynamic Health

I love sports. I love being active. Hobbies I most enjoy include tennis, running and football with friends. Tennis is my passion. I competed in tournaments for the past few years that eventually led to a ranking status. I am proud because I have managed to do so well for myself in such a short period of time. However, it hasn’t been easy. There have been some setbacks.

While playing tennis, I can recall stepping on a ball and hurting my ankle. Eight weeks before this incident, I had a hernia on my left side causing me to focus my body weight on my right side to overcompensate. As a result; I suffered from Achilles tendon pain in my right ankle and foot. Both injuries seriously interfered with my game forcing me to stay away from the big tournaments.

One afternoon I was practicing at Old Providence with my coach when Dr. Cox approached us. Dr. Cox and I train with the same tennis coach and he noticed my ankle brace as he said hello. That eventually led into a conversation about my injuries and how Dynamic Health and Pain Management could help with all of them.

Referred by Dr. Cox, I went to Dynamic Health and Pain Management for my consultation. I started the treatment recommended by Dr. Matz shortly after my first visit. Quickly, my ankle started to improve and I began to practice tennis more. Well, thinking I was 100% better, I injured my shoulder. Just as soon as my ankle pain was almost gone, I started treatment for my shoulder.

It has been a few months since I started treatment and I am back in the game. I am competing in tournaments again while working to improve my rankings. I am glad I ran into Dr. Cox that day in March. He was extremely helpful in helping me understand my condition and so was the entire staff at Dynamic Health and Pain Management. Everyone was really considerate of my injury and all elements that could be leading to it. Thank you Dynamic Health and Pain Management for getting me back in the game faster and better than anyone else was ever able to.