Nirmal S.

Dynamic Health

“Being from India, marriage is very important. I have been married for 22 years. I knew the moment I met my wife, I wanted to marry her. It took her one week to tell me the same. I look up to her, respect her and love her. By nature when she tells me something, I listen.

I had been living with atrocious neck pain for about 16 years. It limited me and affected every personal and social aspect of my life. I highly enjoy soccer and golf, but couldn’t be involved in any physical activity or sports. Working in IT Programming, I constantly sit in front of computers all day and it was impossible to work because of the pain in my neck.

I couldn’t sit still for more than a few minutes before the pain set in. I also couldn’t bend over to get in and out of the car, and forget about sitting in the vehicle for long periods of time! I had sought help from doctors but was told I’d have to live with the pain or subject myself to pain killers. I felt helpless.

One afternoon, my wife saw the television commercial for Dynamic Health & Pain Management. She took down the number and called to make me an appointment. I trusted her judgment, followed her instinct and came in for my free consultation. When I met with Dr. Mazal, he instantly told me the cause of my neck pain. He also explained the treatment protocol that would relieve it. Everyone was so helpful and made me feel comfortable. I was confident that I was in good hands.

Within a few short weeks, I felt a significant difference. Then, out of nowhere the pain stopped and hasn’t returned. For the first time in 16years, I am pain free. I cannot explain the satisfaction I have with Dynamic Health & Pain Management. I recommend them to anyone and encourage them to reap the benefits like I have. I know what life is like with pain and it’s very different without it. I will be thankful all my life for Dr. Mazal and all the staff at Dynamic Health & Pain Management.”