Noble C.

Dynamic Health

“I own a commercial cleaning business and Dynamic Health & Pain Management is one of my corporate accounts. When I arrived early one afternoon, the office manager noticed my struggle at walking from knee pain. He suggested I go through a new patient exam to find out the cause and see if they could help.

My history with knee and ankle pain started in 2011 when I sprained my ankle playing basketball. It was a pretty severe sprain that forced me to be in bed rest and walk with crutches for several weeks. The pain remained even after the sprain healed and I found myself constantly getting reinjured.

I am the happiest when I play basketball. I can’t describe the feeling I get while out on the court playing the game. This happiness was ruined when pain started to radiate from my knees into my feet. I couldn’t even get through a full game without feeling some type of stiffness or stabbing pain. The symptoms were always worse in the morning or during heavy activity. My job requires heavy manual labor that started to become impossible as my symptoms continued to get worse. Anytime I was active from playing basketball or working, I would be in pain.I had been to the doctor and also tried physical therapy that provided temporary relief.

Dr. Matz explained my condition and answered any questions better than anywhere else. Come to find out, one of my hips slightly was higher than the other. This contributed to me constantly rolling my ankles during physical activity and would cause the knee pain. Since I was always active and not treating my condition, the symptoms continued to get worse.Shortly after I started treatment, the pain went away. I even noticed a difference my basketball skills.

I am swifter on the court with better accuracy. I loved the treatment. Each exercise was easy and I never felt like I was following a treatment protocol. Also, the entire staff was very helpful and always did a really good job at listening to any of my questions and concerns.”