Phyllis D.

Dynamic Health

In 1979 I was in a terrible car accident and suffered from whiplash. I thought the pain would go away on it’s own but I soon realized that was not the case. I began having headaches that eventually turned into migraines. As the years passed my condition got worse. It got to the point where I would wake up with headaches every single day and they would last the whole day.

I found that I couldn’t do the things I had always loved to do. Before the headaches I used to be very active. I would go out and stay out all day long. Now all I did was stay home in bed. I tried going to my doctor and then to a neurologist. All they did was prescribe stronger and stronger medications that didn’t give me much relief.

One day I got a call from my sister telling me to turn on my television. She was watching a Dynamic Health & Pain Management commercial. After watching the commercial I decided to call for a consultation. During my exam the doctors told me my spine in my neck was curved in the wrong direction and that it was the cause of my headaches. I was surprised because I thought my neck injury was healed years ago. I started treatment that day and noticed improvement after only two treatments. Now, a short time later, I am headache free and I’m back to living a healthy, active life again.