Rick J.

Dynamic Health

“For some time I had been experiencing pain from the tips of my fingers to my shoulders and from my feet to my hips. The pain became more and more debilitating, simple task like walking and driving were becoming harder and harder.

I visited numerous specialists who all seemed to have the same approach, which was not solving the problem. I found myself on the internet searching for alternatives after receiving an article from a friend and I came across Dynamic Health and Pain Management. The deciding factor for me to make the appointment was the fact that there was no charge for the consultation. I was able to meet with a doctor who viewed my case and the nature of my condition with no obligation on my part.

At the initial appointment Dr. Matz was confident that he could give me some relief. He told me things that I hadn’t heard about my condition by any other provider. In the short time I’ve been treated, I’ve already gotten relief from my sciatica. It has been some time since I was able to keep up with my wife on a walk and now I can. Even though I still have a long road ahead, the benefits received have far exceeded anything I have had before.”