Roy G.

Dynamic Health

I first heard of Dynamic Health and Pain Management through a colleague of mine, named Diane. She first heard of the medical office through our company Health Fair for the Post Office. After her success with DHPM, she mentioned the facility to me.

I had been in a really bad bike accident around 30 years ago, and unknowingly dislocated my hip. That afternoon, I went to the doctor complaining of severe leg pain. After multiple leg X-Rays, nothing appeared to be wrong. Two days later, I found myself back in the hospital for surgery to have my hip put back into place.

I was complaining of pain in my leg, so that’s what the doctors looked at. Had they examined my whole body, the problem would’ve been found. Now as a result, one hip sits higher than the other, forcing me to wear special shoes to even out my stance.

From this moment on, my lifestyle was greatly affected. I have always been a very athletic person, but this injury forced physical activity to stop. Eventually, due to lack of movement, my range of motion faltered and my flexibility dwindled. As a result, my right leg got shorter, resulting in severe backaches. It was bad enough not being able to be active, but now I had to deal with pain. The only activity that really helped me was swimming. I was able to improve my range of motion and lessen the pain by being in the water.

Since I have been treating with Dynamic Health & Pain Management, my pain has stopped. On my third visit, I noticed the pain starting to go away. The care here is like no other. Everyone is so positive in providing the best care, every step of the way. I can now say I am able to sleep better, move better, and never feel like I am strained with any activities. I am no longer limited from myself.