Sarah J.

Dynamic Health

“I first heard of Dynamic Health and Pain Management through a health fair at Duke Energy. A large part of my work day is spent monitoring control boards so that doesn’t leave much time for getting up and walking around during the day.

As time passed, I started to develop severe shoulder pain. This made my job extremely difficult because I couldn’t sit still for long periods of time. Any repetitive movement or motion was extremely painful. It felt like a constant burning pain and eventually felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife.

Not only did my shoulder hurt at work, any leisure activities would lead to the pain. I couldn’t rake leaves, run or exercise. I love to bake. Friends and family would ask me to bake desserts for them and that presented a challenge. I couldn’t even roll out cookie dough! Almost any type of movement using my upper body would bring on the pain.

I sought relief from my primary care doctor and was told I pulled muscle. As a result, they gave me pain patches and muscle relaxers and sent me home. This happened multiple times because the pain kept coming back. Eventually, I resorted to Advil.

At the health fair, the staff of Dynamic Health and Pain Management were the first to ever give me a clear insight to the cause of my shoulder pain. After coming in for my free consultation, I was told that I was born with missing vertebrae.

It took me just over a week to start feeling better. Now further along in my treatment, I feel great. It’s much easier to do my job without the pain. When I look down at my feet, I am amazed because I am walking straight! I pay attention to my balance and posture. I have even started to notice the way other people stand and carry themselves. Instead of people watching, I feet watch! I am back to baking and being active like I used to be. It’s amazing getting through an entire day without pain and feeling relaxed.

I am very satisfied with Dynamic Health and Pain Management. Therapy begins as soon as you walk in the door without sitting in a stuffy waiting room. The care is unmatched because it is all integrated. Normally, I would have to go to four different locations to get similar treatment.”