Shane B.

Dynamic Health

“In 1992 I suffered a spinal chord injury that left me paralyzed. The Doctors didn’t believe that I would ever walk again. I did physical therapy for one year to learn how to walk, however, I was numb on the left side of my body and weak on my right. I was also experiencing pain in my back and neck.

My wife Wilma had been suffering with debilitating migraines for years. I saw Dr. Cox on Charlotte Today and scheduled an appointment for her. As of today, she has been migraine free for 60 days.

Because of the different treatment measures, my wife encouraged me to give Dynamic Health & Pain Management a try. I knew that it worked for her, but wasn’t sure that they could help me since our issues are so different. After a month, I gave in and scheduled a consultation.

My hope when starting treatment was to strengthen my back so that I could exercise, which would in turn help to strengthen my leg so that I could get rid of the leg brace. Although the leg brace is intended to assist me, it has become a nuisance. I have to wear larger shoes, larger pants, getting in and out of a vehicle is difficult and the list goes on.

I am proud to say that I can go without wearing the leg brace for 6-8 hours each day and I don’t experience as much pain in my back or neck as I did before starting therapy. I am able to exercise regularly and don’t need as many injections to help ease the pain.

I am very excited about the potential outcome. I have been through so much, so I will continue to fight and recover so that I can be the healthiest I can be. I would tell anyone who may have lost hope, to just try. You don’t have to give up and you don’t have to live in pain.”