Sharon W.

Dynamic Health

“I have been suffering from headaches for over 10 years. They would come every month like clock work and were unbearable. I often describe them as being worse than migraines because I couldn’t function.

I work for First Financial as a mortgage funder. I put a lot of time and energy into my job and love it. Naturally when someone misses work from a headache, it must be serious. Just before I saw Dynamic Health and Pain Management on the television, I was out of work for two days from a headache. I never miss work. I couldn’t sleep or eat and was in complete agony.

I have had all kinds of tests and seen many doctors about my headaches, but never found any answers. They would simply feel on my head and prescribe medicine. At one point, I was prescribed 800mg ibuprofen and told to take two at a time. It helped relieve the pain for a short time but eventually stopped working.

When I saw the commercial, I immediately called. After my first visit, Dr. Mazal explained that I get headaches because of the way my spine curves. He assured me that with therapy, the problem could be fixed. At that time, I had a headache for two weeks straight.

Within one week of therapy, the headaches stopped. I am amazed at the way I feel. My problem is being fixed from the source and I am getting better day by day. Thank you Dynamic Health & Pain Management!”