Sheila S.

Dynamic Health

“I decided 4 months ago to get back into the gym and of course when you resolve to accomplish a goal there’s usually something that discourages you from moving forward. When I began working out, the pain started at my knee and radiated to both my ankle and foot. I received cortisone shots, but they only helped for a short time and didn’t address the real issue.

I was very curious to find out how DHPM could help me. When I walked into the office, the staff was in a circle having their morning meeting. That impressed me… this was a medical office with staff that actually talked to one another!

Dr. Mazal reviewed my X-rays with me. I was surprised to find out that my neck and back were out of alignment and my lower extremities were overcompensating and attributing to the pain in my knee and foot.

After the first 2 weeks of treatment I noticed a difference. The pain I experienced when going up and down steps subsided. To date the ankle pain is gone. I am encouraged because my knee pain is not as bad as it was before. I look forward to making continued improvement and accomplishing specific goals when it comes to my health.”