Susan S.

Dynamic Health

“For some time now, I have been living with rheumatoid arthritis. The pain was manageable for a short while; until I started to experience excruciating pain from my shoulders, down my arms, and to my hands. Not only was this stiffness and pain uncomfortable,it kept me from participating in most activities that I love. Lifting things, shifting gears in a car, were impossible. I also work closely with special needs children, and couldn’t even control myself well enough to assist them.

I was told that the new increase in pain was due to my RA. My Rheumatologist wanted to put me on stronger pain medicine, but I refused. Medication that strong can have long term negative effects on your organs, and I want to live a long life.

Cynthia Simpson is a longtime friend of mine and also a patient of Dynamic Health & Pain Management. After her success and her sister Mamie, Cynthia suggested I come in for a consultation with a doctor. It was at DHPM, I learned it was more than just my RA contributing to my pain. Three of my vertebrae were compressed on top of one another. This compression was creating the pain in my shoulders, arms, and hands. Dr. Matz put me on a full body treatment plan to relieve the compression to rid me of pain.

This is my 14th visit to DHPM, and the pain I had been experiencing is gone. Not only that, but my RA is even more manageable than it was before I started treatment. Instead of taking medicine for what I thought was just my RA; I’m so thankful I went for a second opinion.

I would’ve continued thinking the cause of my pain was from something entirely different than the actual cause. I am back to being active. I run. I dance. These days, there isn’t much I can’t do.”