Teresa O.

Dynamic Health

“I have had Diabetic Neuropathy since 2005. In 2007, I suffered from two severe diabetic comas and lost all feeling from my knees, down to my feet. The pain and numbness kept me from sleeping in my comfortable bed with my husband.

Instead, I would somehow manage to find my way to the recliner; it was the only way I could seem to get any rest. I would even find myself falling and suffering severe injuries because I couldn’t feel my feet. The loss of feeling and pain kept me from participating in most activities that I loved. I couldn’t even go into the yard to play with my grandchildren.

It was recommended for me to undergo physical therapy to take a handle on my pain management. After several attempts and no improvement, the last and final recommendation was steroid injection medicine. It was around this time, I saw the TV Commercial form Dynamic Health & Pain Management.

Within a couple of visits commuting three hours round trip to DHPM, I began to regain feeling in my feet for the first time in six years. It was like magic; the numbness started to disappear. Not only were there improvements with my nerves, family members said that they even noticed a difference in my mood. I find myself smiling these days because I am able to be active again.

Dynamic Health & Pain Management worked wonders. There is an extraordinary group of people there that work miracles. I like to think of the staff as the next best thing to Jesus, because I honestly had no hope of ever getting better. There was never a time when a member of the DHPM team did not bend over backwards for me or my husband. Thanks to DHPM, I have drastically reduced my pain medication, and can now sleep in my own bed.”