Teresa W.

Dynamic Health

“I was living with low back pain for years. I am a very active person, but my job with MEDIC requires me to sit in a chair most days. After years of getting in and out of an office chair, I developed back pain.

Doctors recommend working out to help ease pain, but it made mine worse. I grew up being an active person and working out, but eventually my workouts became limited. Lunges are my favorite exercise but they became impossible to do. I can even remember not being able to even bend over to tie my shoes.

Seeing my struggles, my boss eventually gave me permission to buy a new chair. I thought the chair was a main contributor and would fix the pain if fixed. To be honest, I never really thought anything was wrong, and back pain was just one of inevitable those things that happened with age. As a daily regimen, Ibuprofen provided enough temporary relief to get through the day.

Patient One afternoon, Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM) came to MEDIC to screen anyone suffering from pain. My colleagues and I decided to try it. I didn’t go into much detail about my back pain, but their computer analysis showed the exact areas where I was having pain. She also mentioned headaches as a possible symptom. I have headaches quite often, but never listed them as a symptom. How they know? I had never seen anything like this before and was amazed.

Once I offered the free evaluation, I made an appointment. In as little as two weeks I felt significantly better. My pain rapidly decreased and I began to work out again. My overall stability and posture improved and I never bought a new chair.

Dynamic Health & Pain Management is phenomenal. I am so thankful for them coming to my job. I am so thankful for getting screened, and so thankful for accepting care at DHPM. Even though the therapy was tough at times, it was so worth it to feel the way I do now. One more thing, the back brace they gifted me with for home use is was my favorite and I use it everyday!”