Tonya C.

Dynamic Health

“A friend of mine was in the trucking industry and had gone to see DHPM for his back pain. After their miraculous SRS Therapy, he was cured! The Pain was gone! I told myself, if anything ever happened to me and I found myself in pain, I would give them a call.

Years later, I found myself suffering from Achilles Tendonitis in both feet and horrible back pain. I struggled with this pain for nearly two years thinking it would go away. Finally I gave up on ever feeling better on my own and I decided to get help, and I knew who to call! Dynamic Health & Pain Management!

There are several aspects of my life that I truly love. My American Bulldog is my best friend. There is no better companion in this world like a “man’s best friend.” I felt so depressed because I couldn’t take care of and play with my dog the way I wanted.

Work is also very important to me. After years of working at Kmart, I have developed a deep passion for helping people through my job. The only struggle I find is standing on my feet for nearly 6 hours without a break. Both of these aspects of my life continued to do nothing but bring me pain. I knew I couldn’t live this way any longer.

Dynamic Health & Pain Management has been a savior to my life. I knew there was no sense in going to any other specialist because they would find and fix the problem. I simply just cut out the middleman. I am so lucky to have a friend that referred me to DHPM.

I feel so spoiled when I come in for a visit. Nowadays I am in just for maintenance because my pain is gone. It’s so simple to maintain my health because I am in and out in as little as 30 minutes. If you ask me, 30 minutes is worth a life free from pain!”