Wanda G.

Dynamic Health

I had been suffering from debilitating back pain for years. The pain was severe and seemed to be getting worse every year. At my worst, I was no longer able to do the things I used to take for granted like taking care of my pets, cleaning my house, working in my garden or wearing my favorite pair of high heals. What broke my heart was that I could no longer play with my 5 year old grandson.

I went to a doctor who diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease. I was then sent to a pain clinic that only treated me with injections into my spine and prescribed pain medications. These injections would relieve my pain but it was only temporary. After only a few days I would be right back where I started from unable to do the things I love. The only thing I was left with in my life was going to work, coming home and visiting doctors for injections and more pain pills so I could get through my days at work.

One day I was telling my friend how miserable I was and she told me about how she was very happy with the pain therapy she was receiving at Dynamic Health & Pain Management. I called and setup an appointment and got in to see them right away.

When I went to my consultation, I found that this was not the same as other medical offices that just give you an injection and a prescription and send you out the door. They determined that not only did I have degenerative disc disease but I also was born with an extra vertebra in my spine! This had been overlooked my entire life. Based on this information, the care providers were able to design a therapy plan unique to my condition.

After only 15 visits to the office, I am happy to report that my pain has reduced significantly and there are many days where I have no pain at all. I now am able to do all the things I love to do. I can clean my house, work in my yard and wear my favorite shoes. Most importantly I am able to run, wrestle and play with my grandson!!