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Ways You Can Continue Your Medical Rehabilitation at Home

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Over 100 million people suffer from chronic pain in the United States. Whether it’s from injury, arthritis, degeneration, or some other illness, chronic pain can hamper your ability to enjoy everyday activities. Don’t let pain control you. Get relief and improve your health with medical rehab from Dynamic Health & Pain Management in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even though Dynamic Health …

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How Medical Rehab Can Finally Eliminate Your Chronic Pain

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation, commonly referred to as medical rehab or just rehab, aims to restore ability and quality of life to individuals suffering from physical pain or disabilities. In line with Dynamic Health & Pain Management’s treatment model, rehabilitation aims to improve function by addressing the root cause of your symptoms. Rehabilitation focuses on remodeling, strengthening, and educating injured …

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What Lifestyle Changes Could Prevent Your Next Migraine?

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Migraine headaches are difficult to predict. As many as 37 million people suffer from migraines and there isn’t just one solution to them. There are many different causes, such as imbalances in brain chemicals, changes in the brainstem, or triggers such as hormones, food, or stress. It is important that you have a doctor or medical professional help you to …

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How To Bring The Headache Clinic Home With 5 Helpful Strategies

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Seeking regular treatment at a headache clinic is a great way to combat recurring pain, but you can also be supplementing these treatments with at-home strategies. Learn more about five simple ways to improve your headaches outside the clinic with our helpful infographic. Whether it’s finding a quiet space to relax, or establishing a new workout routine, our tips can …

How Meditation Improves the Health of Your Body

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At Dynamic Health & Pain Management, we recognize that a lot goes into keeping a person healthy. That’s why we advocate natural healing. Many different components may contribute to a person’s overall health of mind and body, starting with an individual’s everyday environment. Since we know that environment plays a role on individual health, we also know that stress and …

Healthy Habits to Adopt to Prevent Frequent Headaches

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Severe headaches can be debilitating, and enduring bad headache pain regularly can be very frustrating. There are many solutions to help ease the pain from a headache or migraine, but the best way to prevent any kind of health problem is to stay ahead of it. For chronic headache sufferers, this may mean adopting lifestyle changes and new habits to …

How Physical Pain and Income Inequality Are Connected

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The human body is extremely complex and has interesting ways of letting you know when it’s in distress due to your actions. Consider the following scenarios: If you eat fast food everyday for a week, eventually you will begin to feel sick. This is your body telling you to please bring back the veggies. If you don’t sleep for three …

Top 5 Epiphanies That Will Have You Give Up Sugar

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  When it comes to health and dieting, you probably feel like you’ve heard it all … Don’t eat carbs. Eat more carbs and still lose weight! Count calories. Forget calories, just eat clean! There is one thing that health experts agree on, and that is the less sugar, the better. If you have a sweet tooth, the idea of …

5 Home Remedies for Incredible Allergy Relief

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We love the weather but hate the allergies that come with it. Spring in North Carolina means flowers blooming, grass getting greener, and days getting longer. But all of our favorite things about the spring in the Tar Heel state can’t come without our least favorite thing: yes, we’re talking about pollen. So how can you enjoy the weather without …