Are You A Candidate?

It’s True: Managing Type 2 Diabetes Can Be An Incredibly Exhausting Effort.

You take pills.

You use insulin injections.

You watch your diet.

You worry about your blood sugar levels.

For some reasons, despite these efforts — each morning, afternoon, and night — you just cannot seem to find a way that works for you. It seems almost impossible to manage this condition. Millions of people with diabetes face this same uphill battle.

And you have the potential to win your battle with help from Dynamic Health and Pain Management.

You May Be a Candidate For Our Type 2 Diabetes Treatments.

It starts with paying attention to your body. If you’re going through this struggle, you may be an ideal candidate for our clinical model that could help you heal your type 2 diabetes. That means you can say goodbye…*

  1. To your medications.
  2. To your insulin injections.
  3. To the side effects of your current treatments.

Our team of medical professionals focus on what causes your conditions, not merely mask them. We want to help your body restore normal functions.

Dr. Altizer on Type II Diabetes | July 2017

Type 2 Diabetes

Get the facts about this chronic disease and get your life back.

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Dr. Altizer on Type II Diabetes | Sept. 2017

If you suffer from Type II Diabetes, you are sick and tired of living with this condition, and you are looking for a better approach to healing your diabetes; then you are a perfect candidate.