Success Stories

Success Stories

Successful patients in this treatment program have been able to:

  • Stop using prescription drugs and insulin
  • Lose weight without exercise
  • Increase their energy levels
  • Improve their quality of life

Dennis B. – 1 week into program
“Dynamic Health has helped me feel better and I’m only in my first week! Within the first 2 to 3 days I was already feeling more upbeat and positive and I have already started losing weight. The program is not hard. I have no hunger or cravings and I was able to stop drinking Mountain Dew cold turkey! I was drinking a six pack a day!”*

Dennis B. – 6 weeks into program
“The program has been a life changer for me. I have lost 17+ pounds and gone from a 42” to a 36” pants. My energy level is way up and I am very happy all the time. It has just been great! My blood sugars are stabilizing and decreasing. My blood pressure is stabilized. I don’t have the dizziness anymore.

The Program is very straight forward, easy, and made a lot of sense. My whole life is better! My primary care doctor is extremely pleased with my results. My A1C went from a 9.1 down to a 7.1 in 6 weeks! This program works! I would recommend this program to anyone with diabetes and serious about changing their life.”*

John W. – 1 month into program
“The care at Dynamic Health is excellent and I noticed the changes within the first two weeks. I have more energy, especially at night when before I would be too tired by evening to do anything else. The diet is much easier to follow and stick with than I thought. This program is definitely something I would recommend to any diabetic looking to make a change. I now have something to look forward to other than amputations or other complications in my future!”*

Ms. Evans- 2 months into program
“During my first week, the detox phase, at Dynamic Health my sugar levels and blood pressure both went way down. I’m continuing to lose weight and my clothes are fitting better and my energy has really increased. I’m so much more active and I’m getting things done sooner, no more sitting on the couch waiting to get up the energy for the things I have to do! As I’m getting older, I know that I need to take better care of myself so I can have a long life with my family. This program has really helped me to get better and be there for them. I strongly recommend this program.”*

Larry B. – 2 months into program

“I followed the suggestions of my regular doctor to help with my diabetes but the doctor just kept adding medications.  I found the Diabetes reversal program at Dynamic Health after an internet search and made an appointment.  I am very pleased that I did!  I started seeing results in the first three weeks. My energy was up and I just overall felt good.   I am much more aware of the foods I should be eating and foods I should be staying away from. I am trying new foods and different recipes and I’m loving it and after 5 weeks in the program I was off all diabetic medications!!  I highly recommend this program to all type 2 diabetics.  It will change your life.”*

Janice A. – 5 months into program
“After just one month I saw positive results! My sugar has come way down and I’m eating better than I ever have. The diet is very easy to do and the supplements are easy to follow. Dynamic Health’s program has really helped me and it will help you too!”*

“I’ve had Diabetes for fourteen years and was taking many drugs for Diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, and sinus infections. Needless to say I was very depressed.  Now, I feel so much better and going through the cleanse helped in so many ways.  I lost a lot of weight, have more energy and feel great.  I am not depressed any more and I don’t need my meds any more!!!”*  – A.A.

” I was depressed, no energy, and had insomnia. I hated how I felt and looked. I was in a “cookie cutter” treatment that was not working for me. I was on 2 different meds that weren’t working and was told that i needed insulin. If you have the opportunity to join this family DO IT! It will be the most important choice you will ever make in your life.”*  – C.H.

” I was very pleased with the results of the program. I lost 20lb and reversed my diabetes and stopped a lot of my medicine. I have much more energy, no more brain fog. It was the best thing I did for myself. The team at dynamic health & pain management was there with me the whole time with encouragement and a smile. Thank you all so much for your support. May God bless you and keep you safe.”*  – G.W.

“I’m so grateful for Dr. Altizer, after my wife saw him on Charlotte Today speaking about reversing Diabetes. I was on 3 medications for Diabetes and now after 3 months I’m down to 1 medication at half the dose I was taking. I follow the recommended plan that was designed for me and I am glad to say it’s been life changing. Dr. Altizer and my goal is to take me completely off my Diabetes medication and I can certainly see it happening. In addition I have lost weight and I feel more energetic.”*  – J.V.

“My wife and I both go to Dynamic Health & Pain Management for separate health issues. She and I have had amazing results. I am in the diabetic program with a goal of reducing my medication intake. In 3 months, I have lost 25lbs and have been taken off 3 of 4 diabetic medications with the guidance of a physician. The diabetic program works! You just have to plug into their program and follow the dietary guidelines. Also, just want to say the staff members are always very friendly, positive and professional!”*  – J.E.

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