Type 2 Diabetes

What If You Could Heal Your Type 2 Diabetes?*

It requires you to test your blood glucose (sugar) levels. It tasks you with careful dietary restrictions and physical activity. It often results in a routine of medications for daily management. It often worsens over time, too.

But type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a life-long complication.

First, let’s understand where type 2 diabetes comes from — what happens within your body that causes this condition and its symptoms …

  1. Your body doesn’t properly use insulin — called insulin resistance
  2. So, your pancreas makes extra insulin to help.
  3. The pancreas eventually cannot keep up.
  4. You no longer keep blood glucose at normal levels.

Type 2 Diabetes Complicates Daily Life.

Let’s consider this fact: You continue to bombard your body with a medication that delivers the very substance (insulin) your body has come to resist.

Pumping your body with insulation through medications can …

  • Shorten your life expectancy
  • Cause weight gain
  • Perpetuate the diabetic condition
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Cause cardiovascular disease
  • Increase risk of developing certain types of cancer

You may even suffer through amputations.

Fortunately, help is available. At Dynamic Health, we offer a thorough integrative testing approach. Our team can use the findings to customize a treatment plan to address the underlying causes — not merely mask the problem.

We do this by understanding nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and organ dysfunction associated with this condition. Our medical professionals want to know why you’re not regulating blood sugars.

Imagine a new life:

  • Imagine a life without worrying about your blood sugar.
  • Imagine a life without needing drugs.
  • Imagine a life without having to inject yourself with insulin.
  • Imagine a life where you have the energy to exercise and lost the diabetic weight.
  • Imagine a life without constantly getting up at night for the bathroom.
  • Imagine a life without fear of the devastating effects of this disease.
  • Imagine being able to understand why you had diabetes instead of just being told it’s genetic and all you can do is take medicine and inject yourself with insulin.

Stop imagining and see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation. Call today.

Dr. Altizer on Type II Diabetes | July 2017

Many patients reduce and eliminate their need for medications through our treatment program. Patients lose weight without exercise, increase their energy levels and are able to heal their diabetes.* In fact, lots of patients become non-diabetic with this treatment plan.

HOW IS IT DONE? We dig deeper than the typical approach to uncover WHY a person cannot regulate their blood sugars. We determine the underlying cause(s). We uncover nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and organ dysfunction that are associated with the disease to heal its effects.

“I can tell you the facts: I tried every variety and combo of medications and nothing worked. I was nervous to share my success with you – diabetes is nothing to mess with – and it’s different for everyone, but I urge you to make the call!*

They CAN help.” – Steph M.

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Dr. Altizer on Type II Diabetes | Sept. 2017