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Stem Cell Therapy Success Stories

The level of care and attention that we give our patients at Dynamic Health & Pain Management speaks for itself. But don’t take our word for it. The success stories below are just a few of many patients of our Charlotte, North Carolina, clinic who experienced life changing results after one or two treatments of Stem Cell Therapy.


“Thank you for saving my knees from surgery. Prior to my surgery date (3 weeks ago) I had difficulty walking without constant pain in both knees. The pain was excruciating and I had difficulty sleeping at night. The procedure only took a short time and afterwards I noticed immediate relief. Now, after 3 weeks, I can walk without pain, sleep without waking up and I rode my bicycle 50 miles yesterday without pain.

This is the procedure I would recommend to anyone before they consider having any type of surgery especially a knee replacement. Thank you again for saving my life.”
– Dan T.

“I have had knee pain for a long time. Climbing stairs, biking, exercising…I could tell that over the years that pain was starting to gradually increase and something needed to be done about it. I had not tried anything. I had just lived with it. I thought there is no sense in doing that if this is so easy to do. And it was. I had PRP in both my knees and felt 100% better when I walked out of the clinic. The bike became very easy, walking up and down the stairs became good as well.”
– Neil W.

“The big breakthrough was the PRP therapy. I got to the point 3 months after (the treatment) where it just felt absolutely phenomenal…the way that it felt prior (to the Achilles injury). I was able to get healthy to the point where I was able to compete and my legs were firing on full cylinder. I was very very happy about that.”
– Billy S. (Marathon Runner)

“It is amazing. I would recommend it for anyone. I noticed relief immediately. My (shoulder) pain was 80% better in 1 week.”
– Brian W.

“The care I received at Dynamic Health and Pain Management was fantastic, and the results truly speak for themselves. After my PRP treatment to my shoulder I started to experience relief in just 7-10 days. I started to get better each day and my shoulder continued to get stronger. It took me about 6-7 weeks until I was able to do push-ups/pull ups, and feel like myself again during my workouts. I am still building my strength so I can get back to my normal workouts. I am so pleased with the treatment and care I received; it was truly outstanding. I wish I would have known about this procedure sooner, and I would highly recommend Dynamic Health and Pain Management to anyone suffering with any sort of pain!”
– Brian M.