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How To Bring The Headache Clinic Home With 5 Helpful Strategies

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Seeking regular treatment at a headache clinic is a great way to combat recurring pain, but you can also be supplementing these treatments with at-home strategies. Learn more about five simple ways to improve your headaches outside the clinic with our helpful infographic. Whether it’s finding a quiet space to relax, or establishing a new workout routine, our tips can …

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Neck Pain?

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There are many causes of neck pain. Whether it’s poor posture, a thinning disc, nerve compression, or a space-occupying lesion,  neck pain can make daily life difficult.  But how do you know when it’s serious enough to seek treatment? To help you know when it’s time to see a doctor, we’ve created a helpful guide below. Common Causes of Neck …

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Which Type of Spinal Stenosis Do You Need Treated?

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Dynamic Health & Pain Management offers non-surgical treatments for various conditions like chronic pain, sports injuries, and accident-related injury. One of the specific regions treated at DHPM is the spine, particularly conditions like spinal stenosis. Because some people do not feel any effects from spinal stenosis, it can be difficult to identify when you are suffering from this condition. Read …

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6 Common Essential Oils with Surprising Health Benefits

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At Dynamic Health & Pain Management, we know the power of natural medicine. We support our patients and encourage them to try anything that may help make their quality of life higher. Essential oils are known to promote natural healing and relaxation. Explore this infographic for information about several essential oils and their possible health benefits to see what you …

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How to Manage Your Chronic Pain with Restorative Yoga

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At Dynamic Health & Pain Management, we develop individualized, comprehensive, drug-free treatment plans for our patients who suffer from chronic pain. Our patients participate in their own recovery, working with us to achieve a full recovery and the highest possible quality of life. When you choose to treat your chronic pain at DHPM, your success story starts with you. There …

Season’s Greetings From Charlotte, North Carolina

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Happy Holidays from Dynamic Health & Pain Management The team at Dynamic Health & Pain Management wants to wish our patients a relaxing and fun-filled holiday season. As 2016 winds down and we look forward to the New Year, we send our best wishes for peace, love, health, and happiness. What were your favorite parts of 2016? Take time during …

An Overview of the Verjú Laser Treatment Method

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  Plastic surgery can be invasive and inconvenient — often coming with lengthy recovery time and undesirable scarring. With the Verjú Laser System, you can get the results of a procedure like liposuction without ever going through a surgery. Read below to learn more about the non-invasive laser option for body contouring, and visit our clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, …

2 Common Causes of Elbow Pain and How to Get Relief

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It might start with a reach, or it could strike as you’re taking a sip from your coffee mug. Elbow pain is tough to live with because of how integral the joint is in our daily lives. Your elbow is a complex junction of bones and tendons that sees lots of use, and as you age it’s more likely to …

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

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The holidays are a time for indulgence, but at DHPM, we know there are ways to indulge without jeopardizing your weight loss goals or going overboard. Use these five helpful tips to make Thanksgiving day healthier this year.   Reach out to our team in Charlotte, North Carolina, to schedule a complimentary consultation if you’d like help with nutrition, making …

When Prescriptions Don’t Solve the Problem: The Rise of Opioid Dependence

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                When we are sick or in great pain, we trust doctors to provide us with the medical attention we need to feel better and stop hurting. Most times, a doctor visit will result in a prescription: rest, hydrate, and, frequently, medication. Medication can be helpful in many ways. It can minimize or …